Air Jordan 3

Why I love the Air Jordan 3s!

Jordan 3s

Why I love the Jordan 3s? As a former full-time sneakerhead myself, I’ve accumulated a pretty impressive sneaker collection. At one point I had over 500 pairs of sneakers, now roughly I have about half of that. You are talking about a kid who had no job but his $50 a week allowance as his only source of income accruing over 500 pairs of sneakers, I think that’s impressive. I would save up my allowance every week, every month till I had enough to buy a pair of brand new head turning Jordans. Now to get to the point why I love the Jordan 3’s let just say comfort, comfort and comfort. I’ve broken down why I love the Jordan 3’s into a few different categories. Not only do I love to wear my Jordan 3’s, I love to collect and admire them as well. My first pair of Jordan 3’s was the Countdown Package Black Cement 3’s. Oh boy! It was love at first sight, what can you say about them, they were a game changer. It was as they were calling to me from the gates of heaven. It was a Friday morning when I first read an article on that the newest series of sneakers to drop from the CDP (Countdown Package) series were the Jordan 3’s with the 20’s. The black leather base showcasing accents of red near the grey tongue was incredible; these sneakers are a masterpiece. The elephant print artwork and Jordan Jumpman logo on the back was a sight to see (the first air Jordan’s to actually have the Jumpman logo on the back). The complex but visual appealing nature of the black cement 3’s made me full of love. I was infatuated with them; I wanted them like nothing else. The sneakers grabbed my attention like bold letters on top of a newspaper grabbing the reader attention.


The Jordan 3’s offers one the sleekest designs in the Jordan sneaker line series. And that is one of the many reasons I love the Air Jordan 3’s. published an article stating the Air Jordan 3s ranked 2nd in top 10 Air Jordans. I touched upon it earlier some of the features of the Cement 3’s, but did you know the Jordan 3’s were the first sneakers in the Jordan series to showcase a Jumpman logo on the back and first to feature Spike Lee as Mars Blackmon for their commercials. This was a pivotal point in the Jordan sneaker series as it changed the way we look at Jordans today. To get into the detail of the design of the Jordan 3s, I have bulleted them. • A visible air unit on the heel • Elephant print trim • Tumble leather across the sneaker (material has changed over the years)


Secondly, I enjoy the comfort. This is truly one of the most comfortable sneakers I have put my feet in. I have used my 3’s for pretty much everything. From the gym to the bedroom the 3’s can go anywhere. They are one of the easiest sneakers to me, to put on and take off. I enjoy wearing them when I’m working out, chilling on the sofa or just out with my boys. When I put them on it as if the feeling of unbeatable comfort came to me in a sneaker form. The Air Jordan 3’s offer a snuggling luxury feel to me and that takes away any discomfort I have. The style is another reason I love the Air Jordan 3s. I believe the Jordan 3s are like a Swiss army knife. They can be worn with pretty much anything. From sweats to suits, shorts to jeans there is nothing you cannot wear with these sneakers. I’ve personally gone out with jeans, sweats, shorts and pants and still put on a pair of 3’s. They’re the ultimate fashion sneakers. They can be brought out for a casual happening, a primer event or just a night out on your porch drinking some cold ones. Jordan 3s pretty much goes with everything. They are one of the few shoes that go along with everything. Finally there are a few more reasons why I love the Jordan 3s but I will just sum it up sharing a quote a sneakerhead told me, “They’re just the 3s and you cannot not like them.” Michael Jordan himself stated the 3s are his favorite Jordans.


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